Lubricant masturbation substitutes

And it might make you think: Sometimes, you should splurge. I wouldn't be my personal choice, but hey, if it works for some Taste The Rainbow Eat C r a y o n s! However, it could potentially be dangerous due to the air inside of the bottle. Or if you and your lover have passionate sex marathons, you should definitely add lube to the mix — take a break to use some lube and then rev up for more action.

Lubing with Baby Oil: The Pros and Cons

Alternative lubes for anal masturbation?

March 18, Gender: Petroleum jelly is also very pleasing. The bar soap intended to scrub away manly filth is ironically abrasive to your manhood. Awesome that you are able to talk to your folks about it. Male Masterbation Lubricant These are all good suggestions. Vaseline feels good too but it dries out to fast! And it might make you think:

Sex-Toy Life Hacks: Alternative uses for vibes, lubes, and more - Baltimore City Paper

September 4, Location: Is coconut oil also safe? I have decided I am tired of them. And hurt to the touch. They're no good at all for anal intercourse but are fine for anal masturbation. Kevin B over a year ago.
How come uncircumcised penis stinks? Believe it or not, this ingredient can be used as lubricant, with healthy effects as we described, but you need to be very careful not to use yogurt containing sugar or any flavors, since the effect will be the opposite. I'm also a 14 year old guy. Baby Oil is made from mineral oil, a synthetic oil and a by-product of the petrochemical industry. Yes ButT is an organic water-based anal lubricant, pH balanced to that of the anus. Don;t care what it's about. The role of masturbation in marital and sexual satisfaction:

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